Gleneagle Income Plus Trust

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What is the Gleneagle Income Plus Trust?

In an environment of global low interest rates, it is increasingly difficult to achieve a worthwhile return on cash or investments without assuming significant risks to your capital.

The Gleneagle Income Plus Trust is an equity income fund that provides Australians with monthly cash distributions, and also reduces your exposure to market volatility.

The Trust invests in a portfolio of Australian shares and derivatives that enables it to provide returns significantly higher than bank deposits, with lower risk than the share market and traditional ‘long only’ funds.

Fund managers with over 50 years of combined experience employ diverse strategies and disciplined risk management to achieve returns on your behalf.

How does the fund fit into your portfolio?


The trust is designed to replace the traditional equities allocation in an investor’s portfolio; it retains some characteristics of the stock market or equity fund, but is able to add features such as reduced volatility that makes it a better option for some investors.

The design of the fund allows us to pay monthly dividends to investors, which may suit those searching for an alternative to Term Deposit style investments, but with the ability to control or limit risks to capital that is beyond the reach of many investors.


The Fund

Key Benefit Monthly returns paid to investors, large cap equity exposure, derivative portfolio overlay smooths portfolio volatility and increases yield generation.

Fund Characteristics The Income Plus Fund offers investors exposure to companies in the ASX200; with the added benefit of a professionally managed derivative portfolio overlay reducing your portfolio volatility, and providing you with income that other managers do not. This fund may be an appropriate alternative for investors who currently have investments in Australian shares via a traditional ‘long only manager’, SMSF’s and those looking to increase their equity portfolio allocations.

Current FUM: AU$2.36m

Largest Holdings: CBA, NAB, TLS, WBC, WES, ANZ, TCL, WOW, CSL, BHP

Performance Since Inception (after fees): 8.62%

Real Rate of Return Year to Date: 9.31%

GIPT Performance Graph

Why Invest in the Gleneagle Income Plus Trust?


Diversified Investment Portfolio

Your capital is invested in a diverse portfolio of Australian shares and derivatives.


Income Paid Monthly

Income is calculated monthly and paid directly to your nominated bank account.shares and derivatives.


High Liquidity

Our fund is designed for medium to long term investment. However, you can withdraw all or part of your capital from the Trust monthly. We recommend you consider the limited potential capital risks before withdrawing.


S.M.S.F Suitable and S.I.V. Appropriate

The Gleneagle Income Plus Trust is designed to be appropriate for use with Self Managed Super Funds and available to holders of Special Investment Visas. Each individual’s circumstances are different and you should seek independent taxation and investment advice before investing.

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