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The information contained above is current as at April 2015 and is provided by Gleneagle Asset Management Limited. ACN 103 162 278 AFSL 226199, the issuer of the Gleneagle Income Plus Trust.

It should be regarded as general information only rather than advice. It has been prepared without taking account of any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that each person should, before acting on any such information, consider its appropriateness, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs.

Each person should consider all risks relating to the product and consider the Risk Disclosure Statement before making any decision about the product.

If you acquire or hold the product, fees and cost may be payable to Gleneagle Asset Management Limited and related companies. Related companies will receive fees and other benefits which are generally disclosed in disclosure documents that will be provided for the product.

Neither Gleneagle Asset Management Limited nor related companies or our respective employees receive any specific remuneration for any advice provided to you. However, financial advisers (including some Gleneagle Asset Management Limited related companies) may receive fees or commissions if they provide advice to you or arrange for you to invest in the Fund.

Further details can be obtained by calling us on 1300 241 491 or +612 8277 6619 for international calls

Gleneagle Asset Management Limited
ACN 103 162 278
AFSL 226199
Level 27,  25 Bligh Street
Sydney NSW 2000