Absolute Return Fund

Absolute Return Fund

The Gleneagle Absolute Return portfolio is a diversified, multi-strategy approach, with a broad mandate designed to take advantage of multiple ideas and exposures in global markets, with reduced correlation to major benchmarks.

The Manager’s Option and Derivative trading experience allows the Fund to offer investors a more differentiated portfolio when compared to others in the market. Our view is that investors should be able to address the widest possible market opportunity set in order to maximize returns and minimize risk.

The portfolio will hold a number of core positions chosen by the manager as the result of our in-house research and analysis, and will also include shorter term tactical or strategic trades and positioning designed to add incremental performance, or reduce risk to the portfolio.

These exposures will be varied and may range from small-cap Australian equities, to the U.S. volatility complex to provide investors with a range of differentiated exposures.

A large proportion of the fund’s investments may at any time, may be in the Australian markets, however, International Equity, Index, Volatility, Currency and Commodity exposures will be frequent and substantial, while the fund may also consider limited allocations to unlisted (e.g. Pre-IPO) assets.

As a result of its mandate and positioning, the portfolio will have an elevated risk profile when compared to ordinary Equity investments; and a longer investment horizon is advised.

Gleneagle is a significant early investor in the Absolute Return portfolio.

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Alex Webster

Alex Webster

Fund Manager

Alex has worked in the Australian financial markets since 2005, as a SEATS Operator, Institutional Sales Trader, Interbank Options broker, a Proprietary Trader working on Gleneagle’s Index Correlation.

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Please see our historical performance figures below :

Total Since Inception Yearly Average Year To Date Performance 3 Year Performance
34.27% 6.85% 18.75% 27.9%


2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total Since Inception Yearly Average
2.14% 4.23% 9.3% -0.15% 18.75% 34.27% 6.85%


Total Since Inception 1 Year Performance 2 Year Performance 3 Year Performance Yearly Average
34.27% 18.75% 18.6% 27.9% 6.85%


Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2019 -8.06% 2.56% -2.37% 9.70% -1.43% -4.75% 2.41% 20.70% 18.75%
2018 -0.58% -1.18% -0.77% 2.50% -2.39% -2.38% -3.24% 8.35% 9.84% -14.25% 1.88% 2.07% -0.15%
2017 -0.11% 0.60% 1.68% 0.30% -0.53% 1.66% 0.49% 0.91% -1.41% 0.62% 1.86% 3.33% 9.3%
2016 -8% -1.23% 4.50% 2.43% 1.33% -1.52% 3.89% 0.39% 0.70% -1.72% 2.03% 1.43% 4.23%
2015 3.37% -4.71% -3.28% 5.20% -1.17% 2.73% 2.14%


Gleneagle Asset Management charges a 1.0% p.a. Management Fee (plus GST), and a 20% Performance Fee (plus GST) above High Water Mark across all of it’s portfolios. In addition, a maximum of 0.5% Expense Recovery Cost may be applied as required.

Management Fee

1.0% p.a.

Performance Fee


Expense Recovery

Max. 0.5% p.a.

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